provides a diverse array of services including but not limited to:

Design & Development

  • Full-service Design Expertise
  • Concepts
  • Component Design
  • Specialty Graphics 
  • Cost Estimating 
  • Implementation Planning

Wayfinding Analysis

  • Examination & Evaluation of Existing Interior and Exterior Wayfinding System
  • Emergency System Code Compliance Upgrades
  • Identify Strategic Adjustments
  • Parking System 

 Wayfinding System Planning

  • Providing Detailed Recommendations For Improving an Existing Program or Establishing a New Program
  • Sign System “Master Planning”
  • System Design “Family of Signs”

Standards Manual

  • Create a Unified Program
  • Detailed Construction
  • Schematic Drawings Necessary for Developing and Maintaining Corporate Standards
  • Written Specifications Ensuring Consistent Materials, Hardware & Fabrication

Project Management

  • Design Adjustments
  • Contract Documents including Specifications
  • Review During Tendering Process and Review During Construction as required
  • Coordination, Procurement and Submission of Documentation required to Apply and Obtain Permit Approval
  • Warranty Administration (inspection and follow-up)

Sign Design + Wayfinding

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Sign Design + Wayfinding