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The installation incubated from the owner of City TV, Moses Znaimer's vision to have the 1st City TV Mobile News Truck suspended from the wall of the television station - his vision was for the truck to look like it was busting out of the building, off to the latest news story.

I started the project by making a working Marquette of the installation.  This helped me to visualize how exactly I was going to attack the task at hand.  To add a twist to the project, I learned that the building was designated historical which only further complicated the installation. 

The truck was cut and suspended onto the wall, the lights flashing, wheels motorized at 10km per hour and added a vaporizer machine to the engine compartment, giving the illusion of a moment frozen in time. 

The breaking bricks and crumbling wall were created entirely out of Styrofoam - I had a specially formulated epoxy coating created that would seal the foam and create the necessary barrier it would require to withstand the elements.  The 'breakout' was created in two separate pieces wrapping around the truck.

City TV was sold to CTV and the installation is currently known as the CP24 Truck

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